♥ J e s s i c a ♥ (suckr4blueyes) wrote in chapsuckbrigade,
♥ J e s s i c a ♥

ok i just had to tell ya'll this funny story.

alright so now everyone knows my addiction to lip stuff, i buy new ones everytime i get paid, which happens to be every 2 weeks. well one day my mom comes home from my grandma's (which happens to be right in my backyard) and she was talking about how she was having this convo with my unlce bill, they were talking abt my stomach aches ( since november or december i have had these constant stomach aches, and i have had a gastroscopy, a echocardiogram, and many many more test to see what is wrong, still they have no idea but i am on this medication for it so it isn't so bad) then my mom tells my uncle that i have abt 150 different lip things, he is just absolutely amazed by this and all of a sudden he goes "I know why jessica has these stomach aches! The problem is that she uses soo much lip stuff constantly that the wax from all of it has COATED her stomach!" so yeah now everyone has this belief that i get stomach aches because of me using so much lip stuff and each and every time it coats my stomach with more and more wax. so tell me what do you think? is it the wax or is my family just crazy? i just can't come to a conclusion and there is NO WAY that i am gonna stop using the stuff! haha so comment me plz and give me your opinion. :D

<3 Jess
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