Lauren <3 (peachfuzz1166) wrote in chapsuckbrigade,
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Soft Lips

Has anyone tried Soft Lips Moisture Enriched? Now usually I don't like Soft Lips but my friend had it and it tasted and smelled like fruit punch. Maybe it was just hers but if anyone has tried it tell me what it smells and tastes like! Other wise im gunna go out and buy it!

PS: There is a picture of it to your right ---->
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December 17 2004, 03:36:43 UTC 13 years ago

i've never used softlips moisture enriched but i use Softlips cool cherry and it is the BEST!! I have a stick by my bed, in my car, in the bathroom, and of course in my purse and school bag. It is sooo good and sooo addicting!! I know you said you don't usually use softlips but I would say give it another try!