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new lip balms

hi everyone, i just got home from shopping and bought a few new chapsticks, i just thought i would share them with you...

Cheetos Lip Balm ~ ok now before you barf at just the thought let me explain. someone (i forget who) on live journal said they never really finish their chapsticks all the way down to the bottom except for a Cheetos Lip Balm they once had and today in Claires I saw it,not only is it my favorite food (cheese, not cheetos), but i remembered that comment in the back of my head. so even tho my mom was totally gagging at even the thought of Cheetos Lip Balm, I bought it anyway. It is ok, smells JUST like the reall thing, but i feel a little self concuss when i wear it because i'm affraid it makes my lips REEK. I give this a 5/10

Snapple Lip Yumms in Kiwi Strawberry ~ Also from Claires, this little pot of lip balm is so cute! the lid is shaped just like the cap on a Snapple bottle! That's pretty much the only reason I bought it, and because it had a pretty pink shimmer to it. You can't really taste anything, but it isn't bad and it adds a pretty, natural gloss to your lips i give it a 7/10

Miss Kiss Sweet Slicks in Vanilla ~ I got this one from Ulta, i think it is brand new because I have never seen it before, and it was only $1.99!! It tastes/smells very good, and gives your lips a natural plump, juicy look, at least i think so. It also comes in a cute slim stick. I give this balm a 8/10

NOW beware, the next 2 items are lip gloss but i like them so much i'm putting them in here...

Wet 'n' Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss Liquid Lip Color in Rose Gold - I was restocking on this one, my best friend gave it to me for my birthday & I loved it so much I used it all right up! It it the perfect shade for me and I absolutley love it! And it has a pleasant taste to it. This one gets a 10/10!!

Caboodles Lipsine Lip Gloss in Psychedelic ~ This one is pretty much the same color as the Wet 'n' Wild one but it tastes and smells so much better!! I am absolutley in love with this one as well, 10/10!!
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